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l-r, artist depiction of Matthew Livingston, Dennis Sommers, Sandra Small
Marco Conelli
In 2007, Marco Conelli introduced readers to the unusual and unique Matthew Livingston. The high school senior and reluctant prodigy turned crime solver reintroduced the Young Adult genre to the world of Teen-Sleuths. At this time Marco was late into his career as a NYC Police Detective and some of his experiences were rubbing off on his writing. Certainly not unusual for someone in law enforcement to turn crime writer, but Marco was the only one doing it in the YA field. His debut Matthew Livingston and the Prison of Souls was released in May 2007 by the May Davenport Publishing Company.
After a year and a half of touring Marco had been compiling ideas for a follow up to Matthew Livingston and The Prison of Souls. In 2009 book 2 in the series was released. Matthew Livingston and the Millionaire Murder pushes the limits of suspense with an interesting plot that sees Matthew dive feverishly into an investigation that leads to him bumping heads with detectives from the local police precinct who aren’t interested in changing the classification of a corpse to murder.
2010 saw Matthew Livingston and the Politics of Death hit the bookstores and run away with the Silver Falchion Award for best mystery. When a maniacal killer holds a town hostage with cryptic threats after killing a political candidate, Matthew runs headlong into a mystery where failure is not an option.
Through and through Marco Conelli has delivered a series that continues to thrill young readers while inspiring their imaginations.
In 2015 Marco was included in the 10-Code Crime Anthology. This book was a collection of short stories written by Crime Writer-Cops, with the common theme of investigating the murder of one their own. Marco introduced readers to James Paul McCormack, a NYPD Homicide Sergeant in his story Borders of Morality. McCormack would return in 2017 in Marco’s crime thriller Cry For Help available now from Endeavour Press Publishers.

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